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Burbank High School, CSUN, Video Symphony, UCLA Extension, Law Enforcement Training, Media Training, Public Records Expert, Checking Out Lawyers, International Media Training in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Warsaw, The Ukraine, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Malawi, KNBC, KCBS, KAET, KCSN, The Endangered History Project, Inc., Los Angeles Daily Journal,  Victor Valley Daily Press, Winterset Iowa, Oral Histories, U.S. Army, Vietnam ‘68-’69, Soc Trang, Long Binh, Vung Tao, Belle Isle Nike Missile Site, Union Lake Nike Site in Michigan, Michael Jackson Child Molestation Story, Dr. Leo Buscaglia Interview, Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam, Santo Tomas and Los Banos Internment Camps in the Philippines, Joe Chico Documentary, Kermit Samples’ Blind Horse Film, St. Francis Dam Disaster of 1928, Ishigaki, Burbank, Bunker Hill Towers, U.S. Postal Inspectors in Los Angeles, Diggin’ Up Gold on the Old Paper Trail, Don Ray’s Privacy Tips, Say it in Writing, No Questions Asked, The Original Spanish Kitchen, Suicide Bridge Survivor, August Furst’s Old Vienna Gardens.

This Don Ray is not the fish artist and is not the late music director for CBS.

Clip File Highlights

Digging up the truth

           An Investigative Reporter Turns His Skills on His Own Life

Homeless in the High Desert

             Part One:                    By choice or by chance?

             Part Two:                    Confessions of a master scammer.

             Part Three:                 The river ‘family’ speaks.

             Part Four:                   No easy solutions in sight.

             Part Five:                    Unlikely crusader gives tough love.


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